Mobile and online business

We deliver design and SW development in a harmonious union. You get well-designed mobile and online services with delightful user experiences to entice customers.


Any company working in mobile and online business will need snazzy software and clever services. To combine those well, calls for user experience design. Bringing these together in a way that differentiates your services from the competition is what we excel at. The idea is to create value to the end customer, an experience that inspires them and builds brand loyalty.


We use our cross-disciplinary skills to help you deliver the best mobile and online services. We offer service design, digital strategy consulting and UX strategy design services to help perfect your offering. And we offer all the software development services required to realise the outcome. If you’re after fast and reliable market entry and transparent costs, we have easy-to-customise solutions, such as a digital content store, Ixonos Experience Store™ running on our reliable cloud platform. Be assured, your service will reign supreme. 


  1. User-centric services to support your business.
  2. Full brand support.
  3. Fast time-to-market.

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Niklas Penttinen
+358 40 559 0316

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