Embedded software engineering

We engineer robust and secure industrial environments using embedded software. You get feature-rich and requirement-compliant systems customized to your needs.  


Embedded software and open platforms provide an easy and cost-effective way to induce the intelligence of industrial environments. Improving the capabilities of your production environments can take the form of intelligent sensors connected to automation systems or intuitive multimedia interfaces for remote monitoring and control. If you are looking for a partner to help develop embedded software that increases the capabilities of your systems, we’re the right fit.


In terms of embedded software, Linux is of our first choice. We find it ideal for building customized solutions and secure environments. We’ve built an easily customizable platform, the Ixonos Embedded Linux BSP™ that supports various chipsets. Adopting standardized open source software solutions is a sustainable option; it increases efficiency in terms of functionalities, costs and further development. We’ve got the skills for designing, engineering, integrating it. You get the most capable software that meets with the requirements set for it. That is fast and agile R&D, cost-effectively.


  1. Customisable, re-usable solutions.
  2. Flexible and efficient R&D.
  3. Savings in component and license costs.

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