Device engineering

We bring wireless connectivity and impeccable UX to any imaginable device. You can fill the market with fantastic products that practically fly off the shelves. 


Do you share our passion for innovative devices with top performance? We are experienced in engineering high-quality mechanics and electronics to ensure great radio performance and battery life on stable and fast software. When we put these together, we go for outstanding user experiences. Every time. Our skills and our focus make us the ideal R&D partner, if you want to launch your products into the spotlight.


We can support your device R&D whatever form it takes. Perhaps you want to incorporate the latest wireless technologies to your products, infuse them with advanced user interfaces and cause outstanding user experiences. We can do that for you. We can also help perfect product concepts for the devices that only exist in your dreams. With expert program management, we can help combat R&D challenges. We believe in high quality, extreme confidentiality and determined risk management. You get your devices to the market swiftly and reliably.


  1. Attractive devices with consumer-centric user experiences.
  2. Transparent R&D for predictability.
  3. Fast and reliable market entry for smart devices.

Your contact

Tapani Stjernvall
+358 40 765 6508


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