Ixonos TV Compass™

We enable effective second screen monetization. You can maximize audience engagement. Deliver desirable content. Run highly-targeted interactive advertising.


There’s plain old TV-viewing and there’s social and interactive TV experiences. Like night and day. Viewers gravitate toward content that is alive. They want to enjoy their favorite shows when and where they please. They may also want additional information, ways to participate and share the content, or get recommendations to their taste. Let’s give it to them. That’s how you hook them. That’s how we help you turn audience engagement into second screen monetization.

TV Compass for second screen monetization

Seamless transition between broadcasted and other online content

TV Compass is a real time contextual, social and personal experience of tomorrow's television.


We designed the Ixonos TV Compass™ as a customizable solution that helps you tap into second screen monetization. The modular system is open to different contents, delivery methods and business models. We convert tablets and smartphones into second screen devices that enhance and enrich TV-viewing. You can give audience instant access to a wealth of information and online content. We bring social interaction to their fingertips. You can deliver focused interactive advertisements based on in-depth viewer profiles. Combined with our digital content store solution, you can increase earnings multifold.

second screen users and synchronized content


  1. Interactive advertising channel
  2. Supporting various business models
  3. Maximized audience engagement

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Roope Suomalainen
+358 50 564 5988


MBC Group


2nd Screen Society

"It is encouraging to see Ixonos invest and improve their second screen delivery capability. Growth will favor those who provide ease of use and utility for the consumer."


Chairman, 2nd Screen Society

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