Ixonos Super App™

We have harnessed the pull of social networks. You can combine the best content with the most valuable functionalities to increase brand engagement.


Companies looking to enter the mobile app business want a way to strengthen brand engagement and create a lasting interest in the audience. We’ve done extensive research into the app ecosystem from the user experience angle and came up with an innovative concept for a SUPER APP. The idea is to deliver all the information, functionalities and channels in one unified experience, so users no longer need to swap between different apps. Keep the interest level up and make them want to come back for more


The Ixonos Super App is built on patent-pending technology that’s divides the tablet’s view into quadrants. This offers users simultaneous access to content from four sources. You get multiple revenue streams from one app. We’re not offering just another nifty service with a customizable user interface. You get an intelligent tool that allows you to run viral marketing campaigns based on realistic user information. ‘Cos that’s where the money is.

“4.5 * for MBC The Voice Super App on iTunes. One of the highest content consumption and usage rates for MBC apps. (+ Lowest bounce rate EVER!)”

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  1. Maximized brand engagement
  2. Deep social media integration
  3. Interactive advertising channel


MBC Group


2nd Screen Society

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