Ixonos Cloud™

We‘ve set up a virtual private cloud platform. You get the security of a private cloud combined with the scalability and workflow automation of public clouds.


All companies want to ensure their services run smoothly on a secure and stable platform. You can achieve this without setting up your own data centre with dedicated in-house hosting. We’ve created a virtual private cloud platform that supports private cloud computing in a public multi-tenant architecture.


We developed Ixonos Cloud™ to offer a robust and secure platform that meets the demanding needs of our customers. As a virtual private cloud it compounds dedicated infrastructure with virtual environments. You get the benefits of workflow automation and scalability within a secure environment. You also get to choose the level of service support you want. How does round-the-clock support delivered by a certified support team and a dedicated service manager sound to you?

Ixonos Cloud™ demo

We ensure top-level security with:

  • DDoS mitigation
  • IPS detections
  • Security scanning
  • Possibility to connect with dedicated infra and servers
  • Isolated VLANs
  • Guaranteed computing power
  • Secure connectivity to internet and other data centers
  • Service support

Case eZ Systems: Content management system in the cloud


CEO, eZ Systems


  1. Secure hosting environment.
  2. Endlessly scalable resource.
  3. Three service levels to choose from: standard, extended and premium
  4. Easy to initialize, in mere minutes.
  5. Integrates smoothly with existing solutions and environments.

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Ixonos Cloud
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