Ixonos 3D UI Engine™

We’ve designed an engine for high-performance 3D user interfaces. You can differentiate your devices with customized 3D user experiences.


We want to celebrate the richness of the visual universe and bring its various dimensions and layers alive on smart devices. We created a 3D engine that enables us to design natural, elegant and engaging 3D user experiences. The 3D effects mimic the way objects behave in the physical world so that interactions feel natural and engaging.


Ixonos 3D Engine™ utilizes the device’s CPU and GPU chips to deliver high-quality graphics with guaranteed top performance. Freed from the limitations of individual operating systems, we can use more creativity in design to enhance your brand’s look & feel. You get elegant 3D experiences for your high and low-end smartphones and tablets. You can establish a distinguished user experience identity for your brand.


  1. Uniquely natural 3D user experiences.
  2. Easy differentiation and notable brand identity.
  3. Cross-platform engine supports any operating system.

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Sami Paihonen
+1 408 620 0030