Ixonos design concept

In-vehicle connectivity solution

We have designed a sophisticated connectivity concept that integrates core smartphone functionality and contents with in-vehicle infotainment systems.

Our in-vehicle connectivity concept seamlessly integrates various types of mobile devices into different in-car systems, such as digital displays, controls and car audio systems. It allows consumers to use their mobile device’s applications through the vehicle’s display.

Our connectivity concept can even be used for pushing adverts to the car’s display screens and to collect information about the car’s real-life performance and about consumer driving habits.

Our solution is compatible with various devices and utilizes industry standards, such as DLNA, Bluetooth and VNC. The standardized integration extends the in-car infotainment capabilities without constant update requirements.


  1. Device independent, standards reliant solution
  2. Enables sharing and collecting information to and from the car
  3. A new advertising channel

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