Mobile messaging system

We designed a messaging solution that supports Blyk’s ad-funded business model.

Blyk’s business model is based on free text messages and airtime, offered to customer in exchange for accepting advertisements. We customized our innovative MISP® messaging server for Blyk. The solution can be used to send hundreds of thousands of multimedia messages at once.

Our comprehensive service included a messaging server, a business support system, technology consultation, operation service and application support. A business support system running in parallel with their customer relationship management system profiles users and helps in directing advertising messages at the right recipients. The system is also used to analyse marketing performance.


  1. Dynamic technology supports fast national implementation projects.
  2. Reliable performance for heavy message traffic.
  3. Comprehensive service at a pre-estimated, fixed price abolishes long-term cost risk.

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Teppo Kuisma
+358 50 581 4075

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