App store UX strategy for Intel

We designed for Intel a smartphone app store with social networking features. They get a full user experience strategy that lives on.

We delivered to Intel a concept design of a smartphone app store that delivers superior user experiences. A thorough analysis of the market situation, the competition and related technologies allowed us to also deliver a comprehensive mobile strategy that addresses the different variables affecting their app store ecosystem.

Unlike most app stores that are like supermarkets offering thousands of apps, our concept is comparable to shopping in your corner store or local coffee shop. We designed a place where consumers would want to go to meet friends and other like-minded people. Our concept app store offers spot-on deals based on use history. The app store quickly learns to know the customer’s taste and the customer begins to trust the recommendations. We delivered detailed designs, a working demo and UX design guidelines for the mobile app store.


  1. A solid UX strategy for mobiles to profit for several years.
  2. Plenty of innovative ideas to utilize in the future.
  3. Innovative concept for a superior app store with social networking features.

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