Ixonos design concept

The Cobra, smartphone for consumers

We designed a high-end consumer smartphone with a distinguishable industrial design.

The Cobra smartphone is a ready-to-productise reference design for high-end consumer smartphones. We designed the reference device to enable our customers to launch complete, new products quickly, safely and cost-efficiently.

Our reference design is based on the latest design guidelines to ensure it meets market requirements. It is based on the mature assets of the Ixonos’ Smartphone Platform™, which means a low development risk for customers who want to productize the design. The high quality assets also translate to low maintenance costs.

You get

  • custom visual mechanics, reflecting your brand identity
  • a high performance engine, enabling superior user experience
  • extensive connectivity
  • latest technology, offering extended life cycle
  • smart quality, providing low total cost of ownership
Cobra design and specs


  1. Easy market entry.
  2. Low maintenance costs.
  3. Quick launch of complete, new products.

Your contacts

Sami Paihonen
+1 408 620 0030, +358 50 502 1111

Tapani Stjernvall
+358 40 765 6508

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