Superior multi-tasking on Samsung Galaxy tablets

Two technologies we have developed have been implemented on Samsung Galaxy Pro series tablets. This enables the greatest multi-tasking user experience ever. 

Our touchscreen User Interface framework, known as the Ixonos Super App™, as well as  the Ixonos Android Multi-Window™ solution, have been implemented on Samsung Galaxy Tabs. Together they form the key feature that makes these devices stand out as THE BUSINESS TABS providing unparalleled multitasking use cases and unforeseen efficiency.

We have built the Ixonos Super App on patented technology that’s divides the tablet’s view into quadrants. We brought the quadrants into the Galaxy Tab’s user interface layer and activated the kernel to enable multi-windowing. With our technologies in place, the users can have four types of active content in use simultaneously: for example, they can play videos, read emails and browse the net and use a word pad, all at once. The applications do not go into suspend mode when inactive and the user can easily resize and reposition the quadrants according to taste. 


Unforeseen efficiency by multitasking on tablets.
Advanced user experiences, new use cases and innovation.
Easy differentiation that maximizes brand engagement.

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The Super App technology features also on  MBC’s The Voice app, enabling monetization and engagement in the media industry.

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