Heartbeat recording device

We updated a heartbeat measurement device for Firstbeat. They got the most advanced and the most reliable device for lifestyle assessments.

We helped Firstbeat increase the performance of their heartbeat monitoring device. We integrated their unique software algorithm to the embedded world, making it run one hundred times faster. This extends battery life, which is critical for a small device. We also optimized the file management system thus improving data transfer via USB by 400%. Data upload process became much faster.

We also designed the physical device as small and unobtrusive as possible. We performed extreme testing during development to ensure that the device works flawlessly independent of skin type, any possible skin movement during exercise, or harsh weather conditions. The device now starts automatically when attached to the skin thus eliminating the risk of losing data. The improved performance of the device makes it possible to do uninterrupted measurements over longer time intervals. It also allows measuring movement, R-R interval and ECG, all at the same time. Gathering more information at once improves lifestyle assessments. The ease of use, small size and extended battery life improve the user experience.

“Firstbeat chose Ixonos as its partner due to its experience in the field of elctronics and embedded software. The collaboration with Ixonos has been simply excellent. Ixonos has a broad set of skills in-house and they have shown great attitude in solving problems and making our product come true.”


CEO, Firstbeat


  1. Improved product performance and reliability
  2. R&D innovation
  3. Improved user experience


Firstbeat has developed an innovative heart rate variability based analysis technology for measurement of stress, recovery and exercise. Firstbeat Bodyguard 2 is an R-R interval recording device that serves healthcare, well-being and fitness professionals in lifestyle assessments.

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