Antenna optimisation for electric locks

We used our world class antenna testing laboratory to improve the performance of Abloy’s new electric locks.

Abloy started the production of electric locks used in access control environments and wanted a reliable partner with antenna expertise. We used our laboratory to investigate the performance of their new locks. Our experts analysed the results and suggested improvements to enable the antennas to perform at their best.

A simpler and more reliable construction was reached by shifting to a PCB antenna. This improved efficiency by 44%. Enhancing the effective communication range between the lock and the base station, decreased the number of base stations and increased the battery life in the lock. This makes the product cheaper for the manufacturer and the end customer. The operational safety and the reliability of the locks were also improved. When the antennas are working in the best possible way, the locks will lock and open as wanted, ensuring high quality, reliable products that live up to Abloy’s brand quality.

“When starting to develop a new radio based lock it was clear that we will need a partner that can give us consultation in antenna design, later on tune the antenna, as well as finally verify the improvements made by providing test results. Ixonos was an easy choice.” 


Design Manager, Electronics, Abloy Plc. – Network Solutions


  1. Improved operational safety and reliability of locks.
  2. Significant cost savings in manufacturing and maintenance.
  3. Ensured trustworthiness supports brand image.


Abloy Oy is one of the leading manufacturers of locks, locking systems and architectural hardware. They are world leaders in electromechanical locking technology

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