Ixonos design concept

Location-aware social-networking app

We designed a smartphone application concept based on location-awareness.

As social interaction, social networks and location-aware services converge, they generate profitable business opportunities. We designed a social networking app that relies heavily on location-based information. It offers new business opportunities to service providers as well as high-quality functionality to consumers.

Our location-aware mobile app for social networking allows users to review and recommend restaurants, shops, nightspots, gyms, museums and a wide variety of other consumer services. The app is integrated into the phone’s core functions to allow users to contactthe establishments directly by phone, e-mail or text. Navigation instructions, too, are only a click away.

This web of social interaction is ideal for leveraging consumer intelligence, market behavior and advertising. The app can be used as a channel for targeted mobile advertising: appropriate and timely service recommendations fitting the user’s personal interests can be delivered to consumers according to their whereabouts.

We designed the app as a scalable multi-platform solution that can be implemented on several types of devices as well as integrated with companies’ backend services, online buy & sell solutions, and other social networking services.

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