Machine-vision based web inspection and web break system

We helped Viconsys infuse ground-breaking technology to benefit the sheet-manufacturing industry.

We helped Viconsys develop a fully-digital, highly-computerized, distributed and scalable system that integrates web inspection and web-break analysis into one. We provided Viconsys with a team of experienced developers to help create the software for the backend and the UI. The backend needed to be able to store and manage extremely high-quality digital video streams from over a hundred customized smart cameras, with very high data input speeds. The content of each stream needed to be synchronized at a single image frame precision. Our team constructed a scalable backend with distributed .NET techniques.

We designed an easy-to-use browser application user interface, with powerful analysis possibilities. It gives a good overview of the status of the production machine and the quality of the produced product. It automatically adapts to showing break recordings while the break is proceeding through the production machine. We utilized HTML5-application like techniques, with the view spanning over multiple high-resolution monitors.

“With the help of Ixonos’ SW professionals we were able to rapidly increase experienced R&D capacity with small overhead costs. This significantly lowered the financial and the schedule risk of our company in the “death valley” phase.”


CEO, Viconsys


  1. Significant improvements to producing fault-free quality.
  2. Clarity and space to the monitoring room from combining two systems.
  3. The distributed and scalable architectures fit small and big systems, and expands to already installed systems step by step.


Viconsys is an industry benchmark in the machine-vision technology. Metso purchased Viconsys’ business in April 2010 and affiliated it to the Energy and Environmental Technology Segment.

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