Fail-safe cargo-handling computer

We designed an embedded Linux setup for container handling equipment. Cargotec gets a system that withstands demanding conditions in the harbour.

Our experts, familiar with Kalmar’s cargo-handling systems, designed an embedded Linux setup that is durable and incorruptible. The team selected the most capable SW components and configurations to ensure the system would tolerate sudden power surges and outages. The team used a configurable and automated test bench setup to push the system to its limits.

“Our team configured a set up that could recover and reboot itself without corrupting file data. With carefully chosen components and thorough testing we ensured that no unforeseen surprises could rise.”



Our experts carried out all the required configuration work on the file system, partitioning scheme, kernel, boot loader, and database systems. The configuration is suitable for all of Kalmar’s applications and works on 32- and 64-bit systems, on embedded Linux devices as well as PC-based server/desktop environments.

“In the harbour terminal solutions, high reliability is needed. Thanks to Ixonos our control systems run more reliably helping our own and our customers service business.”


Kalmar at Cargotec


  1. Better reliability of the control system.
  2. Critical control system faults expected to decrease.
  3. Crucial machine control system data is safe and accessible.


Kalmar is Cargotec’s top brand for cargo handling solutions and services offered to ports, terminals, distribution centres and to heavy industry. Kalmar is the industry forerunner in terminal automation and in energy efficient container handling. 

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