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Content management system in the cloud

We customised a cloud edition of eZ Publish web content management platform. Now eZ Systems can offer easy and quick deployment to its customers.

We integrated eZ’s customer management platform into our cloud platform, Ixonos Elastic Cloud™. The deployment of the content management solution is easier, quicker and more cost-efficient from the cloud. eZ customers can purchase the solution and the needed cloud resources with the push of a button. They can also view accrued charges and adjust service level online.

eZ Systems’ customers can rely on their web services being managed on a stable platform with world-class connectivity and security. They can now start at minimum capacity and increase resources as business grows.

“We are highly satisfied with our collaboration with Ixonos. They have extensive experience in multi-channel software development and in providing cloud and hosting services, and their data centre is among the best in the world.”


CEO, eZ Systems


  1. Easier, quicker and more cost-efficient deployment for customers.
  2. Easy-to-use customer user interface.
  3. Future-proof open-source business model.


eZ Systems has been providing Web Content Management Solutions since 1999. With a global presence in Europe, Asia and the Americas, we are the power platform driving more than 250,000 sites in over 170 countries.

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