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The MBC Now, an engaging 2nd screen solution for social viewing

We designed an engaging online service called MBC Now. It allows viewers to become active contributors, sharers and commenters of news and entertainment.

We designed a highly engaging online service, MBC Now. It addresses the booming social viewing trend and offers benefits to advertisers. The service is based on the Ixonos TV Compass™, 2nd screen solution.

“1 million downloads in 4 months.”

Using the MBC Now app on their smartphones and tablets, MBC viewers can browse the channel guide and access information about the network’s current and upcoming programmes. They can use various social functionalities, such as instant sharing and commenting options. They can also receive recommendations and updates from their friends.

The service’s deep social media integration enables intelligent advertising: Combining data from the viewers’ social media profiles with their television watching habits allows MBC to run interactive advertisements. Ads that are tailored to the viewers’ tastes and easy to utilise instantly online are very effective. Ixonos delivered the MBC Now app for iOS, Android, Windows or BlackBerry devices.



  1. Enables intelligent advertising
  2. Offers consistent user experience across all major platforms
  3. Increases audience engagement


Middle East Broadcasting Center Group is the first private free-to-air satellite broadcasting company in the Middle East and North Africa, with viewers in 22 different countries. Based in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, MBC Group includes 13 television channels, two radio stations, a production unit and several online platforms.

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