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We bring safety and user-centricity to car connectivity. You can employ standards-compliant In-Vehicle Infotainment solutions at the forefront of technology.


Consumers want to enjoy diverse online services in their car. We need to fulfill their craving for entertainment, information and communication. But do it safely. The technology used in IVI systems and car connectivity solutions keeps evolving. It may be hard to keep up. Outsourcing infotainment work to a technology-savvy and design-oriented partner like Ixonos is worth considering.


We design user-centric solutions for car connectivity and in-vehicle infotainment. Our expertise in connectivity and embedded systems enables us to use the latest technologies and follow industry standards. We can develop safe and certified applications and integrate platforms and services for you. Our ready-to-deploy solutions enable the use of big data with Ixonos Cloud, app downloads with Ixonos Experience Store and guarantees connectivity with Ixonos IVI Connect. You can offer connected innovations that are enjoyable and safe to use on the road.

Connectivity is top criterion for new car buyers.


  1. End-to-end innovations covering connectivity, apps, store and testing
  2. Standard-based solutions ready to deploy
  3. User-centric and safe-to-use applications

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Bringing sustainability into car connectivity, with Ixonos IVI Connect™ PDF


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