Smart devices

We can make your devices smarter and more attractive in so many ways. You can fast-track to market with innovative products that inspire users.


The world is not necessarily getting any smarter, but devices certainly are. The capabilities we can pack into the tiniest devices are incredible; not just cameras, radios and screens with images sharper than a samurai sword, but sensors to monitor movements inside and outside of the body. Of course, we don’t do quirky gadgets just because we can. We believe each smart device deserves a solid use case, flawless design and impeccable engineering. We highlight user experience as THE differentiator.


Whether you are a manufacturing giant looking for innovation, or an emerging player looking for a way in, we can help you create smart devices that stand out. We can make your devices more desirable, better connected, more intelligent and equipped with hi res displays, superb sound capabilities and cutting-edge user interfaces. Our design-led approach helps you increase competitiveness. You can be assured your products hit the market fast, and cause some serious waves.


  1. Attractive, innovative smart devices
  2. Consumer-centric user experiences
  3. Increased functionalities in any device

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Tapani Stjernvall
+358 40 765 6508


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